We get it.

You no longer feel as great as you once did in high heels.

You struggle to make it through the day (or night) without cursing your every step.

And you question whether feeling fabulous in high heels is worth the pain.

You've tried the over-the-counter gels, special creams and lotions. The ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin. Heating pads and cold packs. Foot soaks.

And nothing worked.

Sound familiar?

Here's why.

Your feet simply need some natural assistance.

Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin and prescription medicine don’t know where to go so they go everywhere affecting the entire body and can upset the stomach and digestive system.

Topical products are different.

With topical products, you are able to intelligently place the formula to where you need it, resulting in faster, more effective relief. But most topical products (balms, lotions, gels) are formulated ONLY to provide an immediate sensation of relief.

They contain a combination of four main naturally-derived topical analgesics (a local anesthetic that is used to numb the surface of a body part):

:: Menthol (a cooling counter-irritant derived from mint) 
:: Camphor (a cooling counter-irritant with less skin sensation) 
:: Capsaicin (a hot counter-irritant derived from chili peppers). 
:: Methyl salicylate (similar to aspirin and found naturally in wintergreen oil, birch oil, and some other plants).

And while these main four ingredients do indeed reduce discomfort quickly, they're usually pretty limited in their long-term effect. When the sensation wears off, the pain comes back.

Similarly, other products are formulated to reduce pain by delivering a small dose of salicylates - anti-inflammatory compounds that are chemically similar to aspirin.

Others use oil extracted from a plant traditionally used to get high to distract and disrupt pain signals.

Still others use lidocaine - a  local anesthetic - to numb the feet. 

But again, when the sensation wears off, the pain comes back.

You deserve better.

The Vivian Lou Liniment not only contain a combination of these four powerful topical analgesics to quickly reduce discomfort and salicylates to reduce inflammation, we also include a plethora of carefully-selected, natural extracts of herbs and/or essential oils that have been used for centuries in Traditional Eastern Medicine to improve circulation and accelerate healing.

Our belief is that pain is caused by stagnation. For pain to dissipate and injuries to heal, the foot must have an ample supply of blood. 

The Vivian Lou Liniment formula is specifically formulated to break up local stagnation and promote the movement of blood. THIS is the secret to our potent formula. 

And while each of our ingredients is great on its own, together, they work in combination to powerfully calm, soothe, renew and rejuvenate.

Our Liniment addresses your immediate discomfort and then works to restore and repair the feet for long-term benefit.

And is designed to help restore your body to its optimal, powerful state. You cannot find a better way to naturally support your body.

See our full list of ingredients here.

Feel better in heels than you have in years...maybe EVER.

Once you receive your Liniment, you’ll be able to get started right away and feel the difference immediately. Over time, you’ll begin to notice long-lasting results. 

We are so confident in our formula that if, after using our Liniment twice a day for several days, you do not experience incredible results, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY.

With our pain-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose … except that awful high heel pain.