Vivian Lou Après High Heels Healing Liniment Vivian Lou Après High Heels Healing Liniment Vivian Lou Après High Heels Healing Liniment Vivian Lou Après High Heels Healing Liniment

Vivian Lou Après High Heels Healing Liniment


High heel lovers rejoice! Apply our 100% natural liniment and experience an intense, immediate sense of reprieve from inflammation, spasms, aches, and soreness.

Unlike other products, our liniment continues to work even after foot discomfort subsides to help restore your feet to their most optimal, powerful state. And are the perfect complement to our Vivian Lou insoles!

Prepared with more than 30 naturally-derived ingredients, this is our MOST POTENT formula...and unlike anything you've tried before.

It immediately reduces inflammation, eases spasms and alleviates soreness AND increases circulation to the affected area to promote movement and accelerate healing.

If you seek instantaneous relief and long-term comfort, Vivian Lou LINIMENT is the obvious choice.

  • RISK FREE with our 60-day, money-back guarantee
  • 1 Bottle = 1 fl oz. 
  • Formulated by a pain advocate, botanist and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Made with ONLY essential oils and herbal tinctures.
  • Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon
  • Artisan product tracked with batch numbers.

Vivian Lou LINIMENT improves your well-being from Day One.

With more than 30 potent and carefully selected botanicals, Vivian Lou LINIMENT stops the suffering so you feel good in your heels and can get back to doing what you love from DAY ONE!

Finally, the path to immediate reprieve and long-term comfort is clear - through superior ingredients that have been proven for centuries to work together to reduce inflammation, soothe spasms, alleviate soreness, and increase circulation.

Years, weeks or sometimes one day in high heels can leave the feet in a state of pain. The good news’s never too late to get relief.

And there’s no better time than NOW!

Revitalize your feet with potent ingredients.

Here are a few of the more than 30 precisely-chosen, plant-based ingredients that are known for their soothing and healing power.

:: Lobelia -This herb has long been used by Native Americans and herbalists as an anti-spasmodic to alleviate muscle spasms.

:: Frankincense - This resin has an extensive history of use in the treatment of muscle and joint pain. Recent studies have shown it contains several potent anti-inflammatory compounds.

:: Rhubarb Root - Used for centuries as a digestive herb, new research shows this root has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

:: Notopterygium - This herb has been utilized for centuries (probably millennia) in Traditional Eastern Medicine for the treatment of aches and pains throughout the body. It is especially valued for discomfort in the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms.

:: Drynaria - Known in Traditional Eastern Medicine as “mender of shattered bones," it has long been used to treat fractures, bruises, and sprains.

We are incredibly proud to showcase our entire formula. See a full list of ingredients here.

Only the purest of formulas.

Creating a product that makes a real difference to your well-being starts with the highest quality ingredients that meet and exceed our rigorous standards.

Our Vivian Lou Liniment is handcrafted in small batches using only the purest ingredients. There are no “filler” ingredients, parabens, toxic preservatives, petroleum products, artificial fragrances/colors, aluminum compounds, or cocamide DEA.

Our Liniment is manufactured and stored in amber glass bottles to maintain purity and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of each ingredient.

Vivian Lou LINIMENT keeps you moving.

Our extra-strength liniment provides immediate reprieve and long-lasting relief in one powerful punch and is perfectly balanced to keep you standing, walking and dancing in heels. It's about time.

How to use.

Massage a small 1-2 drops of liniment on the top and bottom of the forefoot and in between toes before and after wearing high heels. If irritation occurs, dilute 50% with lotion or carrier oil or use every other day. If irritation persists, discontinue use.

Note: If you are pregnant or nursing do not use Vivian Lou Liniment. If you have a known salicylate or aspirin sensitivity, are on blood thinners, taking any medications or have any health conditions, consult your doctor before using.